Archive/Counter-Archive Summer Institute Events on HIV/AIDS Video Activism

Don’t miss these two upcoming Zoom-based events on HIV/AIDS video activism in Canada this month. They are both free and open to the public! See registration links below.

HIV on TV: A Panel on Early HIV/AIDS Activist Television in Canada | 10 June 2021 | 2pm EST
In the ‘80s and ‘90s HIV/AIDS activists in Canada used video cameras to organize, educate, agitate, and document their own rebellions. Before widespread use of the web-based video distribution platforms that we have today, artists and activists utilized community cable television channels to reach audiences near and far as tapes were also exchanged through the mail. This panel features video makers who either contributed to these community cable projects or are stewards of this archive. Notably, this panel will touch upon two community cable projects, Vancouver’s Gayblevision and Toronto’s Toronto Living With AIDS. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Ryan Conrad. Register here!

Dialogue on Women’s HIV/AIDS Video Activism Then & Now | 17 June 2021 | 2pm EST
Join an intimate conversation between esteemed HIV/AIDS activist Darien Taylor and award-winning independent film and video maker Alison Duke. Taylor’s groundbreaking documentary Voices of Positive Women (1993), which she made in collaboration with video artist Michael Balser, is one of the earliest examinations of the impact of HIV and AIDS upon women. Duke has been making documentaries about HIV/AIDS since 2007, most notably the pair of documentaries Positive Women: Exposing Injustice (2012) and Consent: HIV Non-disclosure and Sexual Assault Law (2015). The dialogue will be moderated by Dr. Ryan Conrad. Register here!