Gary Kinsman: Resisting State & Professional Management of AIDS Organizations, Memories of AIDS Organizing in ‘Canada’ 1983-1990

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Gary Kinsman is a long-time queer liberation, AIDS, anti-poverty and anti-capitalist activist. He has been involved in the AIDS Committee Of Toronto, AIDS ACTION NOW!, the Newfoundland AIDS Association the Valley AIDS Concern Group and is currently involved in the AIDS Activist History Project. He is the author of The Regulation of Desire, co-author (with Patrizia Gentile) of The Canadian War on Queer, and editor of Whose National Security?, and Sociology for Changing the World.  He is also the author of “Managing AIDS Organizing” and “‘Responsibility’ as a strategy of governance: Regulating people with AIDS and Lesbians and Gay Men in Ontario.” He has a website called Radical Noise. He recently retired from teaching sociology at Laurentian University on the territories of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek nation.

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