Active History reviews ‘Positive Sex’ exhibition

Image shows a few posters from the “Positive Sex” exhibition at Carleton’s MacOdrum Library is a website committed to connecting the work of historians to diverse audiences. From podcasts to blogs and online exhibitions, they have a beautiful way of tracing social history and really going after the story or – I should say – teasing out and attending to different, complicated, past and present stories.

I was thrilled that Beth A. Robertson, a contributing editor at Active History and feminist historian, reviewed our exhibit in her piece, “AIDS on the wall: Reflections on the exhibit ‘Positive Sex’ and the AIDS Activist History Project that made it happen.” To give a teaser, she wrote:

The exhibit may not at all look like the sexual education many Canadians have or continue to receive in public schools. Indeed, the materials featured provide an interesting corrective to some of the assumptions raised within both recent and historic controversies over sexual education, namely that “education” should be about repressing sexual desire and practices, not articulating them and definitely not promoting them.

Robertson didn’t simply review the exhibit, she put the exhibit (and the work of AIDS activists) in conversation with sexual education initiatives across Canada. Check out her piece here or follow the storytelling, community-building work of on Twitter. 

Posted by Janna Klostermann (@jannaKlos)
Research Assistant, AIDS Activist History Project